The Community Notice Board works to provide the local community with current updates on what’s happening at the AJ Bush Site in Riverstone NSW and Beaudesert QLD.

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Current Notices to Community

Riverstone NSW Plant no longer receiving by-products

31 May 2024

A J Bush & Sons (Manufactures) Pty Ltd Riverstone NSW site is no longer open to receive by-product material (fat & bone).

Notice regarding Winding Down of Operations at Riverstone Plant

16 April 2024

A J Bush & Sons (Manufactures) Pty Ltd regrets to announce that we are taking the difficult decision to wind down operations at our Riverstone NSW site.

Read the Community Notice for more information, HERE

Notice regarding Recommencement of Works at Riverstone Plant

10 January 2024

Work has recommenced, effective this week (10 January 2024) at the Bush’s Proteins Riverstone Plant on Windsor Road, Riverstone.

Read the Community Notice for more information, HERE

Notice to NSW Riverstone Plant Suppliers – Update on Collections

Please click here to read Notice to NSW Suppliers – Collections

The Process of Rendering

Curious about how the protein recovery process operates at Bush’s Proteins? Click the link below for easy-to-follow diagrams that explain the process.

The Process of Rendering

Protein Recovery – A Path to a Greener Future

Click below to find out how the Protein Recovery process at Bush’s Protein is helping pave the way for a Greener Future.

A Path to a Greener Future

Update on Improvement Works at Bush’s Proteins, Protein Recovery Facility at

Please see the latest Community Update that has been letter box dropped to local residents living around AJ Bush & Sons in Riverstone.

Bush’s Proteins Letter to Residents July 2023

Bush’s Proteins Notice to Riverstone Community – 18 April 2023

Please see Community Letter that has been letter box dropped to local residents living around AJ Bush & Sons in Riverstone.

Bush’s Proteins – Community Update Letter – 18 April 2023

Podcast – How protein recovery assists in reducing carbon emissions

Did you know that the protein recovery process plays a significant role in reducing carbon emissions?

Recovering protein from sources such as animal byproducts helps create sustainable fuel alternatives. Such alternatives reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

Today, oil feedstocks from Bush’s Proteins directly goes to refineries for renewables and biofuels, contributing to a healthier planet.

Check out the Podcast HERE from the North American Renderers Association to learn more about the process!

AJ Bush & Sons Notice to Residents Riverstone NSW – Wednesday 21 December 2022

Currently AJ Bush & Sons are undergoing aeration improvement works on their site at Riverstone. The aeration works currently being undertaken are working towards reducing odours from their filtration ponds.We have letterbox dropped the local community, residents, businesses etc. Please see community information letter below.

AJ BUSH Sons Letter to Residents_.docx

EPA December Update – Tuesday 20 December 2022

AJ Bush & Sons are working collaboratively with the EPA to help mitigate odours from the filtration ponds on site. Please see below the December 2022 Update from the EPA.

December 2022 Update