We are committed to running environmentally sustainable manufacturing with minimal impact on the environment and surrounding community.  We pride ourselves on a culture that recognises an individual’s right to complain and value complaints, recognising them as being part of improving our business and serving our communities.

Complaint information is handled seriously, according to privacy laws and other relevant legislation. We provide clear information about how we handle personal information.

AJ Bush & Sons has contracted BROOKS Community Engagement to manage all their community feedback, queries and concerns. Please fill out the following form to register your feedback. Alternatively, you may also call or email the community engagement team using the details below. Upon receiving your query, a representative from the community engagement team will be in touch with you within one business day. 

*All feedback collected by the community engagement team will remain confidential if preferred.

Community Contact Details

PH: (02) 8080 4347

Email: community@bushsproteins.com.au

Community Feedback Form

If you prefer to remain anonymous please put N/A in the fields.
If you prefer to remain anonymous, please put N/A in the fields.