Notice regarding NSW Riverstone Plant

After 70 years of operation in Riverstone, Bush’s Proteins Riverstone plant has paused rendering activities and also ceased collection of all materials for rendering from Friday 8th December 2023.  This decision has been difficult and is driven by the rapidly changing environment in our local community and the regulatory obligations in providing this service.  As a result, Bush’s Proteins Riverstone plant will not be able to pick up any materials from your business.

The pause of operations and cessation of collections is primarily focused on working with the EPA and addressing concerns they have raised.  The management team and family are committed to working with the regulatory authorities and local stakeholders for a longer-term solution.

The company, Bush’s Proteins, remain committed to the Rendering industry and will continue to investigate potential pathways for the NSW business.

Please note, this decision will have NO impact on our Queensland operations, which will continue to operate as per usual.


Bush’s ProteinsTM provides the essential service of Rendering to the meat industry.  Bush’s ProteinsTM collects organic animal material from butcher shops and abattoirs in and around the greater Sydney/Brisbane metro area and nearby regional centres.

Rendering is the hygienic treatment of high moisture material from the meat industry that is not sold for human consumption.

From this material, Bush’s ProteinsTM manufactures nutrient-rich protein meals and tallows/oils.  Rendering contributes to the circular economy by diverting putrescible material from landfills into an organic recycling process.

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Bush’s ProteinsTM is a service renderer, which collects materials from various sources for processing.

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Bush’s Proteins is the trading name of A J Bush & Sons (Manufactures) Pty Ltd.


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